Sopal Quat PQ-7 | Polyquaternium-7


Sopal Quat PQ-7 can be used effectively in shampoos and conditioners at typical use levels of 0.5% (copolymer solids) to impart excellent gloss, lubricity, softness and combability improvements to hair without excessive build-up. At higher concentrations the film forming attributes of Sopal Quat PQ-7 may be utilized in hair gels, mousses and setting lotions. Skin care applications include shaving creams, bath additives, creams, lotions and deodorants. Sopal Quat PQ-7 can be dispersed in water with agitation.

Product Name: Sopal Quat PQ-7

INCI Name: Polyquaternium-7

Physical form: Liquid

Preservative: methyl and propyl parabens

Typical Uses:
2 in 1 Shampoos, body washes and hand wash where light conditioning and pleasant slip is desired. Also works well as a "helper quat" in quaternary based antibacterial soaps while imparting other desirable properties that arise due to the lack of anionics.

Storage & Handling:
Sopal Quat PQ-7 is not believed to be a hazardous material under current Department of Labor definitions. However, as with most surfactants, it is recommended that normal safety precautions be employed when handling Sopal Quat PQ-7.

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