Techmine 280 | Octyldimethylamine Oxide

Octyldimethylamine Oxide

Techmine 280 is an ultra-pure octyldimethylamine oxide that provides excellent hydrotroping and very low foaming characteristics. It is compatible with most surfactants and because there are no amide or ester groups in its chemical structure, Techmine 280 will not hydrolyze in acid systems. It is also stable in highly alkaline and strong electrolyte systems. In personal care it is a nice solution to PEG free fragrance solubilization.

Product Name: Techmine 280

INCI Name: Octyldimethylamine Oxide

Physical form: Clear Liquid

Preservative: Free

Typical Uses:
Uses include: Acid cleaners, CIP products, hard surface cleaners, high alkaline cleaners, foam control, brewery cleaners

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