Choose from our offerings below and add your own preservatives, colorant, and fragrances to make the product uniquely yours!

Need a starting point for your formulations?

Car Wash Concentrate

SCT 135 provides foam and detergency, Techmine 300 boosts foam and boosts the greasy soil removal. This formulation can be diluted to the desired formulation solids.

Clear Every Day Conditioning Shampoo

Sopal LE 35 provides mild cleansing and foam properties to the formulation. Sopal Quat Rice provides moisture and strength to the hair.

Economy Hand Soap

Sopal LF 55 provides mild cleansing in an easy, cold-processable let-down as shown in this formulation.

Family Head to Toe Wash

Sopal 611 provides mildness and foam properties to the formulation. Jaguar C 162 helps to stabilize foam and imparts a soft skin feel.

Natural Foam Pump Hand Soap

SCT 140 is an all-natural surfactant and provides the foam & cleansing properties to the formulation.

Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Add Sopalex 360 and EDTA into water, mix until uniform to produce a streak free glass cleaner.

Tear Free Baby Shampoo

Sopal JSB yields tear free baby shampoo and wash when diluted with water.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Hypochlorite Bleach

Techmine 280 provides excellent cleaning and detergency and is Hypochlorite Bleach Stable. The addition of Carbopol provides cling allowing the for more efficient cleaning.