Techmide 220

Product Details

INCI: Modified Cocamide DEA

Description: A rapidly biodegradable Cocodiethanolamide. It is used in conjunction with anionics (soaps, sulfonates, and sulfates) or nonionics. Techmide 220 is water-soluble and provides wetting action. When back titrated with various fatty acids or organic acids such as DDBSA, Techmide 220 responds to building with electrolytes.

Physical Form: Liquid

Preservative: Free

Industries: HI&I, Personal Care

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Techmide 165


Cocamide MEA

A 1:1 Coconut Monoethanolamide, which is designed for use in household and cosmetic preparations. Techmide 165 is an excellent viscosity index improver and foam stabilizer. Techmide 165 has very low residual free amine and is a suitable replacement for diethanolamides.

Techmide 470


Cocamide DIPA

Cold process amide that is a drop in replacement for Cocamide DEA that is 100% DEA free.

Techmide 180


Cocamide DEA

Standard grade 1:1 Cocamide DEA derived from coconut oil.

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