Sopalex OL 30

Product Details

INCI: Oleyl Betaine

Description: Sopalex OL 30 is a zwitterionic surfactant that is compatible with all other surfactants. It has a higher molecular weight than other betaines, which makes it mild to the skin and eyes and has superior viscosity building properties. At the lower pH range of most hair care products, Sopalex OL-30 exhibits some cationic character, which makes it substantive and imparts anti-static properties. Sopalex OL-30 has outstanding stability over the entire pH spectrum because it does not contain any amide or ester groups which can hydrolyze.

Physical Form: Clear Liquid

Preservative: Benzoic acid

Active %: 26

Solid %: 32

CAS Numbers: 871-37-4, 683-10-3

Industries: HI&I, Personal Care

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