Techmine 350

Product Details

INCI: Cocamidopropylamine Oxide

Description: Provides excellent viscosity building, foam boosting and foam stability. Works very well with Alpha Olefin Sulfonate.

Physical Form: Clear Liquid

Preservative: Free

Active %: 32

Industries: HI&I, Personal Care

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Alkyl Amine Oxide

Palmitamine Oxide, Myristamine Oxide

Techmine MCO is an amine oxide that provides rheology enhancing properties as well as high foam. Techmine MCO will not hydrolyze in acid or alkaline systems as it contains no amide or ester bonds. Techmine MCO is based on coconut derived natural amines and contains no non-biodegradable ...

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Natural derived feedstock with renewable carbon index of 86%, free of non-biodegradable chelants.

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